John Maher BL is the author of The Law of Defamation and is a practising barrister in Ireland, specialising in media law, and in particular defamation.

The Law of Defamation, now in its second edition, is published by Round Hall, Dublin, Ireland – www.roundhall.ie

Defamation has always been a major concern for publishers and the traditional media, and those defamed by them, but now its effects are being felt on a much wider scale. The growth of social media and use of the Internet has changed the way we communicate, but also created new difficulties. Anyone who posts information or a comment online now has the capacity to create a defamatory statement which will be available instantly and can be read anywhere around the world.


The new edition of The Law of Defamation is a comprehensive narrative text on the law of defamation, including full coverage of the Defamation Act 2009, which came into force in 2010 and introduced a number of substantive and procedural reforms.

It provides a clear explanation of the innovations in the Act and of the new and amended remedies and defences it offers. It also looks at how the Act has been interpreted in the courts and considers emerging law on key issues such as the assessment of damages in libel, modern media practice, and the key judgements concerning liability for publication on the Internet… more…


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